Mindful Teen & Adult Premium Activity Packs (100)

$125.00 AUD Ex GST

REDUCED SHIPPING COSTS when ordering 2 or more cartons



Quantity: 100 Activity Packs ($1.25 each ex gst)
Exercise For The Mind… Designed for older kids and adults our Mindful Activity Packs are printed in metallic gold to add sophistication and a touch of class. Containing a great range of activities for teens and adults including Sudoku, Zentangle, Intricate Colouring-ins, Detailed Mazes and Word Games. Why should kids have all the fun? Breathe, count to ten and feel the zen.

Mindful Premium Activity Packs Include

  • Wallet Folder: Gold Metallic Printed, Gloss Coated, Water Resistant, Fully Enclosed Folder.
  • Activity Booklet: A5 booklet with heaps of activities targeted for teens and adults.
  • Board Game: game of checkers built into the folder to encourage family interaction.
  • Colour Pencils: pack of 4 colouring pencils.
  • Australian Made: highest quality available.

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