Food Hamper Box & Mini Activity Pack & Toy Bundle (100)

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Bundle Includes:
100 Food Boxes Assorted Themes
100 Mini Activity Packs Assorted Themes (individually wrapped with crayons)
100 Mini Slider Puzzle Toys (individually wrapped)

All for just $1.35 each. That’s a saving of 40%

Food Hamper Box Range

Our food hamper boxes are super quick and easy to assemble, ready to go in a split second which makes them perfect for Quick Service Restaurant and Fast Food. They are all manufactured here in Australia for the highest quality available. They are approved for direct food contact while the outside of the boxes have a water resistant coating.

Bundled With Mini Activity Packs

Our mini activity packs fit perfectly inside our hamper food boxes. Designed for those who provide an activity pack with a kids meal.

Food Hamper Box Features

  • Premium High Gloss: Gloss coated and water resistant for hospitality.
  • Food Contact: Cardboard approved for direct food contact.
  • Easy Stacking: Tapered for easy stacking in high volume venues.
  • Quick Assembly: Ready to go in a split second with one swift move.
  • Thick & Durable: Perfect as food boxes, party boxes and picnic boxes.
  • Dimensions: Length: 16cm, Width: 12cm, Height: 12cm.

Mini Toys Range

Our old school toys are a great accompaniment to activity packs or food boxes. Create your own Kids Meal Package by including an activity pack, food box and toy in every child’s meal.

  • Bundle includes Slider Puzzle (circus theme).
  • Sizes are approximately 6cm x 7cm.
  • Toys are individually wrapped.